Actual problems of the treatment of the upper respiratory tract diseases in children.


On February 14-15th, 2019 with the support of Alpen Pharma AG at Almaty and Astana, Kazakhstan, was held a series of conferences entitled “Actual problems of the treatment of the upper respiratory tract diseases in children”. More than 200 doctors of different specialties took part in the conferences. There were pediatricians, general practice physician, otolaryngologists.


A real gift for the participants were the presentations of prof. Boris M. Blokhin, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Chief Pediatrician of the Main Medical Department of the Presidential Administration of RF, Scientific Director of the Children’s Medical Center of the Presidential Medical Department, Head of the Department of Polyclinic and Emergency Pediatrics).


Professor Blokhin shared the experience of the successful use of the drug Cinnabsin for the treatment of rhino sinusitis in children in his report “Actual problems of the diseases of the upper respiratory tract in children. He also told to the public about the advantage of the Prospan usage in the report “SARS and many-sided cough”. The presentations were held in an interactive format with a survey of doctors, demonstration of audio and video materials.


Thanks to the conferences, many doctors have got a lot of new and interesting knowledge on actual medical theme and will have an opportunity to use it in their practice.


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